Monday, August 29, 2011

There's no place like home......

We just heard, once we arrived in Dublin and resigned ourselves to having to stay here and forcing ourselves to see the treasures of the city, or giving up and visiting a pub or two or three, that we have a flight home.  We will be resting in our own beds tomorrow night.  Well, a couple of us will be, the others must remain behind and wait for another flight.

Our bus left Belfast and we arrived about 2 1/2 hours later in Dublin.  We had a spot of tea and a cup of soup at Madigans on O'Connell Street.  Even though it is August everyone has jackets on.  As you can see by the picture, life is a little tough for us.  When life gives you lemons.......

Having a little time we visited the Dublin Writers' Museum.  Now I've been  to Dublin before and this was not on my top ten list.  Big mistake.  Being housed in a Georgian mansion, the museum brings you through the full evolution of Ireland's literature.  It starts off with early monastic writings, through  Swift and Goldsmith.  It moves on to one of my favorite author's, Synge, who wrote of the Arans, and into the modern Irish writers.  It takes you through the authors of saints and poets.
Christ Church currently belongs to the Church of Ireland but at one time was a monastic church.  It dates from 1030.  The crypt has tombs from the middle ages and a mummified cat and mouse that became stuck in the church organ centuries ago.  The stonework has gargoyles and little pieces of artwork from the masons from almost a thousand years ago.
By the time we left the church it was time to visit the Temple Bar area.  A pint (or two, or was it three) of Guinness with trad music and good people with whom to share.  That is the definition of craic.  So as I pack my bags and head home I say to this place, "Slan go foill."  (Goodbye for now.) 

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