Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anyone have some dramamine?

I'll be candid.  Every reporter, every visitor, everyone who I had a chance to meet asked me the same thing.  "Aren't you excited about going over to Tyrone to continue the dig?"  I'd put on my pouty face and say I wasn't able to go.  The truth is the team is well-trained and like a well-oiled machine.  Everyone has a place and a job.  They are professionals.  My job was to talk with folks.  I had the best job of the crew.  I'd tell visitors what was happening, the story of the Acre, and how this all ties together.  Then when the sun came out, I'd go sit in a corner with a chilled water.  I lived my fantasy of being an archaeologist through the team.  One day I went into the church.  Saint Pat's is a masterpiece of Patrick Keely architecture.  I lit a candle to the holy trinity (Patrick, Bridget, & Columba) and I made a wish.

Today I got a phone call from Frank and Victoria with an invite to join the team in Tyrone.  Talk about freaky.  My prayer was answered.  Of course I had to break it to my family that I was going without them, but they'll get over it someday. 

My plan is to keep the daily blog going, provided I get internet.  Hugh Cummiskey was from Crossan, Tyrone.  Today there are no Cummiskeys in the area.  Crossan is no  more than a series of houses.  But to some of us it is like visiting the pyramids or the Colosseum.  It is what I've dreamed of.  But I do not go alone.  I go with the folks who first told me of the struggles of those first Irish.  The old lady with the heavy brogue who took care of the parish priest when I was a kid.  She spoke of the troubles they had and how lucky we are.  I go with my dad who loved his heritage and was sure to tip his hat when he crossed in front of St Pats.  I go with with Ed Harley who was one of the starters of this journey.  There are so many, but I bring them with me.  While I am thrilled to go, I also approach this as a duty, an obligation.

Send me your questions.  I'll try to get answers.  Well I'm off to get some Wellies.

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