Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Dig 2- Day 4

Apologies for not posting last night. No, I wasn't out celebrating.  While the team was out at Garcia Brogan's in search of a few pints, I was home doing research.  Honest!  I'll post more about that when I see if I wasted a few hours of my life, or it makes an impact.  A second apology for no pics today.  It seems my camera has gone awol.  I'll add yesterday's pics in at a later date.  I know there are some moms and dads who like seeing all the money they spent paying tuition, paying off with their kids doing what they love and are good at.

Remember a couple of days ago the mystery item?  We had all kinds of guesses- well cover  was pretty popular.  But as time progressed the thought came that it was a latrine cover.  For the archaeologists it would be great.  A latrine would be a mini time capsule of what went on at this house.  There would be all sorts of "organic" matter to analyze.  But as someone who regularly gives tours and lectures when folks asked what was found, I'd have to say we have McDermott's toilet!  It just would not have the same effect.

Through the day yesterday more artifacts revealed themselves.  I posted earlier about going from shovels, to trowels, to brushes.  Now they are using wee trowels.  (Oops, wee = mini in American English.  I've been hanging around these folks too much)  It looks like Gulliver travels with lilliputian size tools.  Slag (molten rock and iron), coal, and some burnt material, leads everyone to think that maybe, possibly, sort of, this could certainly be some type of hearth stone.  Pit # 1 also has revealed the floor of the house and a slot pit where some type of foundation was laid.

Stuart with pottery shard.

Dinner plate uncovered.

Dr. Donnelly gave a great presentation last night where he pulled together theme the whole of the past 2 seasons and the dig which continues in Tyrone.  Well, I must be off for the final day of the dig.  There are stories to be uncovered, and holes to be filled in.  Cheers!
These are the team members when they are clean.

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