Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Dig 2- Day 2

Time- it's what archaeology is all about.  Every little scrape of the trowel erases years, decades, and after a certain point centuries.  What took generations to build up, is erased in a matter of hours.  But watching the team work for hours nonstop is another measure of time.  These 8 men and women are truly dedicated to uncovering the story that lies under their feet.

Every now and then we try to make our viewers do a little thinking with a little game of What Is It?  So here's today's pic
This was found in the area identified as a possible chimney by the ground penetrating radar.  It is probably granite and has a semicircular indentation.  So do you know?  We don't, that's why were asking you.  Why is it like this?  Did it have a purpose?  Send an email with your idea.

A Day in the Life
The team does not stop working.  I thought I'd give you a little pictorial of their day.
Each item is cataloged and numbered for future analysis

The sod is overturned and then placed on the side to be returned when the dig is over.

Meeting with historians, media, other archaeologists, and the dozens of interested passersby.


And more digging.
A short rest

And still more digging.

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