Monday, August 8, 2011

Lightning Strikes Twice

Talk about luck of the Irish!!!!  The Irish team's flight has been cancelled a second time!  There's been no word why this has happened, but it's really put some stress on a lot of people.  Right now the plan is for the team to arrive Tuesday morning at 11 to Logan.  We'll pick them up, give them a quick break, and hopefully they'll be to work about 2 pm.  Cross your fingers.

Let me tease you a bit.  I was cc'd on an email that had some interesting info.  Remember Dan Lynch, the archaeologist with the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)?  Well his report is done.  I probably shouldn't be telling anyone, but the report says that there are "anomalies"  directly under the area that was excavated last summer.  What does it mean?  If any of you know an archaeologist you know you can't get a direct answer out of them.  So I will say that maybe, possibly, could be, perhaps something really major that might be uncovered this year, IF they ever get here.  My fear is they will get here, open the pits, and it will be time to leave.

The team actually has a busy schedule after their time in the Acre.  They will leave and go back to Crossan, Tyrone, the homestead of Hugh Cummiskey, and begin the dig there.  What an awesome connection of the immigrant experience!

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