Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane OR Toto, We're Not in Lowell Anymore

Saturday- 6:20 pm leave Logan.  Sunday 6: am- land in Dublin.  6:30 am- 2 hour drive to Belfast, NI.  8:30 am- meet Colm and drive 2 hours to Irvinestown, Co. Tyrone.   

I have to remember where I am.  It pounds and pence, not dollars and cents.  It's crisps, not fries.  Look right then left before crossing a street, not left right.  I'm on sensory overload.

We started off on a quickies early a.m. tour of Queen's Uni in Belfast the old buildings and botanical gardens were really impressive.

You know you're in Europe when the bathroom becomes the WC

Stopped for a nice Ulster Fry along the carriage way.  That's breakfast of slightly under 1200 calories and 5 days worth of saturated fat

In the afternoon we took a nice ride around one of the local Loughs.  We stopped by an ancient Pre-Christian graveyard.  One particular stone is called the Janus stone.  Tradition says if you put your hand in the groove at the top you will have a child.  Congratulations Dermot.
.Another stop today was the impressive Tully Castle, a very important site to the evolution of Northern Ireland.

The best part of the day was a surprise visit to Eileen's (Colm's wife) parents. Immediately the kettle was on and tea was served.  We also got meet Eileen's and Colm's kids; Saul, Jude, and Abby.  Oh, and their sick hen as well.  It truly was great to sit in their home and be welcomed as guests.  Thank you Donnelly and Murphy families.    I have now been up for almost 48 hours.  I'm not sure if this is reality or not.  But tomorrow begins the dig.  We will be on sacred ground.

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