Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Day We Celebrate - 2013

Lowell's Acre neighborhood has been the root of so many different groups that have made their way to Lowell to begin their American experience.  The Irish were certainly the first to make their home here, but not the last.  For a number of years we've hosted a walk through the same streets and paths that those early Irish ambled from home to work and back again.  Braving the last of winter's winds, today's pilgrims found their way, as did their forebearers, to St. Patrick's Church where they walked those same steps recounting along the way the stories of our common past. 

Later in the afternoon the annual Irish concert and memorial Mass brought those who consider St Patrick's home to close out this year's celebration.  Ginny Corcoran and choir brought back many fond memories with their rendition of old time favorites.

The tower of St Patrick's is a landmark in the city.  Not many know of the 11 bells in the tower.  To add to today's celebration, Joe Connor's from Albany, NY, came to share his talents as a professional bell ringer.  Passersby stopped to look up at the tower as the bells rang out through the city.  We're most grateful to Joe for making the trip from his home and then climbing the 53 steps up to the tower to announce the Saint's Day.

View a YouTube video of Joe playing Danny Boy in the tower at St. Patrick's

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  1. Thank you for the great video! We really enjoyed hearing Joe play the bells. Thank you ever so kindly Mr Connors! Beautiful!