Friday, March 15, 2013

The Acre Forum & Anam Cara Awards

Dr. Brian Mitchell , author of The Paddy Camps, was the featured speaker of the 2013 Acre Forum held at Middlesex Community College.  Dr. Mitchell spoke about the early roots of the Irish presence in Lowell and how it devoloped into a unique experiment of immigration.  Those early canal diggers turned into a burden and a boon to Lowell's founding fathers.  Many thanks to the AOH for their support.  If you missed the event Lowell National Park will be uploading the talk onto YouTube.

Marking 30 years of celebrating Irish culture is not a small milestone.  We also recognize that we could not do it alone.  Throughout the decades there have been those who have shared their time, treasures, and talents with us.  In Irish such a person is referred to as Anam Cara,  soul friend.  The list of nominees was lengthy.  There have been so many that deserve recognition.  This year's honorees are (pictured l to r): Dr. Brian Mitchell for his work, The Paddy Camps, Walter Hickey for his continuing research on the Lowell Irish story, Donna Reidy for her work in recognizing unmarked Irish graves in St Patrick Cemetery, Dick Howe for his assistance in locating deeds of early Irish landowners and including Irish history in his blog site, and The Irish Partnership Center, UMass Lowell, for their dedication and continued support for the archaeological digs at St. Pat's and Tyrone, N. Ireland. Honorees were Victoria Denoon, Dr. Frank Talty (not present) & Dr. Steve McCarthy (not present).  Irish Cultural Comm. member Dave McKean, on right.  The Committee hopes to continue these Awards in the future.  

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