Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dermot, Stuart, & Brian in Co. Fermanagh
I thought I'd give you a few updates: The guys who did the dig at St Pat's and Tyrone sent along a Christmas photo. Thought I'd share it with you. You can tell that neither cold, nor, rain, nor dark of night can stop an archaeologist from doing his task. Here they are working at a crannog (man made island) in County Fermanagh.

If you look at the right sidebar of the blog you will see some links to YouTube videos having to do with the Acre and St. Pat's. There is one that is a tour of the church. I hope to put up more on different topics. Send your ideas.

The Irish Cultural Committee that started at St Pat's Church 30 years ago will be posting this year's events for March. For those of you on Facebook why don't you like them so you can keep up to date?  Each year the ICC sponsors some great social, historical, and religious events. It amazes me that people still are not aware of the work they do.

 Lastly I'd like your input. Since starting this blog just over two years ago we've had over 20,000 hits. It may be time to finally get that website that I keep saying we need. The story of the Irish in Lowell needs to be preserved as much as each and every other group that formed the city. If you have any background in Wordpress or other such sites please drop a line.


  1. One way or another I hope you continue publishing these stories of the Lowell Irish! I was just talking with a man in his eighties who told me that as a youngster, a priest showed him where an Irish woman had thrown a "Yankee" into one of the Lowell canals. That story had probably been passed down and we are now losing all those old memories.

  2. Please get in touch with me so we can preserve this memory. And thanks for commenting. We need feedback.