Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We've gotten to the point with our research that we'd like to start the next step.  We're looking for volunteers who could do a very preliminary walk of the cemetery with us on MONDAY, JUNE 27 at 9 am.  If it's much later in the day the sun really bakes the area, so the earlier the better.  Our goal for the first walk will be to just see what Civil War stones are visible.  Those who can attend might want to bring a broom or dust broom to move some clippings away.  Wear a hat and bring your water bottle. 

Please send a quick email if you can attend or would be interested in future walks.

We're also trying to gain more followers.  Folks are wondering when posts are made.  The easiest way is by signing up.  I'm not vary tech-savy to teach you how, but play around with it.  If anyone can give step by step directions, please post under comments.

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