Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Ok, it's been a few weeks, ok months, mea culpa.  Let's skip the guilt, it's a wasted emotion anyways (but being Catholic it will come back to haunt me).  I was "urged" to start posting again by events that have happened this week.  To be honest LOTS has been happening with our "rediscovery" of Lowell's Irish past.  I promise to add more later.  But for now let me say what has most recently happened.  I was called a few weeks ago by Lowell Nat'l Park and was told I was being awarded an excellence in historic preservation award.  I asked if it could be mailed to me, but alas they said I had to be present to accept it.  I did not want to, but then I thought of all the good folks who have done work in the cemetery and have never been acknowledged.  So I went.  The award is for the continuing work we're doing at the cemetery.  For over 15 years we've been cleaning, recording, researching, and giving tours of the burial ground.  At times it's done in the broiling sun, other times in the cold (Wait until I tell you about this past April!).  So to all of you who spent time on a tour or spent time on your knees cleaning the stones- this one is for you!  Thank you.  I am preparing to resurrect the volunteer group (Get it- resurrect- cemetery- never mind.) since the good folks in Ireland plan on big things dealing with the research we've done.  At the ceremony on Thursday, a few people asked about the blog!  Hmm, I thought no one was reading this.

Then today Doors Open asked St Pat's Church to do tours and present some of the artifacts from last summer's dig.  I thought I'd hang around and a dozen people would show up.  From the first moment folks began showing up.  By the time we were supposed to close we had about 100 visitors and had to stay open for an extra hour.  The number rof Lowellians who had never been in the church amazed me.  And the folks who haven't been in Lowell for decades who came back had great stories to share.  What a fantastic event!!!  And once again, more than one person asked about the blog.  Who would of thought?

For those of you who haven't heard, the folks from Queens will be back the week of August 8th.  More info to follow.  If you could, please forward this to family and friends.  I apologize for the lapse, but if interest continues, I'll be sure to be more consistent.


  1. Yeay!! It's good to have you back, and don't worry about the guilt thing. All is forgiven. You're Catholic, remember?

  2. Welcome back! Was nice to meet you yesterday.