Monday, May 23, 2011

Follow Up

I am so, so, so technically naive.  AJ asked a question.  I attempted to post an answer, but ended up erasing material.  A 12 year old could probably navigate this better than I.  Allow me to give a little more info-

St. Patrick's Cemetery has a great website (  John Burns, the webmaster, has done a great job.  For those doing research on internments since 1895, this is the place to go.  It also has some good history.  John also has done an amazing job with work dealing with Keith Academy.  He and I will be publishing A LOT more data on inscriptions and internments BEFORE 1895.  I would like to get a couple of volunteers to do some research on Irish Civil War burials to include in this Fall's tour.  Any takers?  Email me.

So, AJ, look at the site.  I think she's there in the list.  The folks at the cemetery will pinpoint the lot for you.  It would greatly benefit this site if we have more folks sign up.  Email to your friends.  I won't ask for money, I promise, but I've got plans and I need to show folks there is legitimate interest.


  1. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to seeing your pre-1895 data.

  2. The burial information available at St. Patrick's website is wonderful. I found my great-great grandfather, Michael Moran, (indexed as Marin, Michael), to be buried in yard 3, range 41 with some McHughs and Carmodys in 1906. And, although he is indexed wrong in the "M" .pdf file available at the website, by using the search function I was able to match up the date of interment from his return of the death to the date listed in the file. Now, if I could only figure out who the McHughs and Carmodys were I'd be all set.