Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving forward!

Ok, I'm getting notes why I'm not posting daily.  No, the energy level has not waned, but life and work and technology get in the way.  I've been scanning so much my scanner gave out.  It's not a matter of buying a new one (been there, done that).  It seems something got corrupted, and now I can't load any scanner onto a year old computer.  Ideas?

Ed has sent me a prototype of the new web site.  It looks great.  It will have all the bells and whistles, but most of all we will finally have a source for those seeking information on Lowell's Irish past.  We are looking for entries for the site.  Do you have a family memory, a history of a church, school, or Irish happening in Lowell?  (Remember the St Patrick's Day show at the Auditorium?)  We also are looking for pictures (historical or a local event).  That's where a scanner would come in handy.  Where can I get a history of Saint Peter's Church?  Send me ideas, please.

Walter has sent the first page of what will be a real gem for those doing genealogy in Lowell.  He's kindly agreed to write a series of how-to entries and answer some FAQ. 

Another note.  Dr. Donnelly (Queen's Uni., Belfast) saw a paper I did on the cemetery.  He's extremely interested in the early inscriptions and thinks they are very unique.  His wife, another archaeologist, is coming over next month and will be giving us some thoughts on early burials in Lowell.

We received a great link from Sue in New York.  It's a list of the newsclips from the dig.

Murphy Monument, St Patrick's Cemetery
I have not received notice if there will be a cemetery tour this year.  When I find out, you'll be the first to know.

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