Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We've only just begun!

Today is a day that will go down in Lowell-Irish (or is it Irish-Lowell?) history.  Well sort of.  I met with Ed and Brad from AOH.  Luckily these 2 guys actually know what they're talking about when it comes to web design, blogging, and drop boxes.  I still have an 8 track player.  The three of us got together and they showed me a prototype for a web design.  We've got a basic outline.  Now we need content.  That's where you, dear readers, need to step up.  Not I, you say?  Nay, nay.  You might not have an area of expertise, but perhaps you have some pictures or ideas, or know someone who does.  For example: anyone into reading?  How about a volunteers for a favorite books about Irish Lowell (fiction, research, kids books, in print/out of print)?  Consider it. 

Our first volunteer (yuk yuk) has already stepped up.  Walter Hickey is coordinating a page for genealogy research.  It will be a how-to and a list of links to begin or continue your search.  Walter is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person Lowell has when it comes to family searches. 

Anyone out there have histories of Irish parishes in Lowell?  The Saint Pat's one is somewhere on my hard drive, but how about the others?  Be sure that you cite the sources if you find one.  Or how about writing it yourself.  St. Columba is the patron saint of plagiarists.  He exiled himself to Scotland as a punishment for copying a book.  Hey, did you know there was a St. Columba's in Lowell?

A last thought- look at the comments.  Walter has given a good response to a reader's request.  Keep checking in and don't be afraid to comment.

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  1. I am excited as we embark on this overdue project. I am working on the basic site no with some content we received. Hopefully we can launch in the next week or so as we get more info and collaborators. I like the idea of a reading list. And as a family genealogist myself I think it would be a great resource and look forward to Mr. Hickey's thoughts. Thanks again Dave.