Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cemetery Inscription Update - New Data Added

Many people who go to St. Pa't Cemetery are disappointed to find that record keeping doesn't start until 1895.  Sure there are city vital records and other sources that can be checked, but basically looking for early or mid-nineteenth century information on Lowell Irish it's scattered at best.

All the way to 1995 a project began in the cemetery to help close the gap.  A team of volunteers began uncovering dozens and dozens of slate stones that had lain buried for generations.  Those stones are inscribed with the names of the early pioneer Irish who came to Lowell.  They often include dates of birth and death, county of origin, sometimes causes of death and if you're lucky epitaphs left by family members.  From a genealogist point of view, the stones can be a gold mine.

As the project has evolved the stones have been uncovered, data collected, the stones cleaned and photographed.  We've been releasing data as we have recorded it, and I can now say we are done.  The inscription list on our website is the final work done on this project.  We just added dozens of more family names.  There are now almost 1300 names dating from the 1830s-1860s.  If you see that a stones has a photo, I'd be glad to send it to you.  Right now we don't have the storage to put all the jepgs on the site.

To access the information go to  The far right hand tab says more and look under Inscription Yards 1, 2, & 3.  I hope this work benefits researchers now and in the future.

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