Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Rising - Join us this Saturday to remember this event in Irish history

British soldiers with the captured Republic flag - 1916
The plan was to go into effect on Easter Monday of 1916.  It was doomed to failure from its inception.  Poor communication, leadership, financial and munition support made the plan doubtful at best.  The one hope some of the groups had was aid from Germany.  Other groups questioned using German support while the war was ongoing.  With the capture of a cache of arms by the British that was meant to support the Irish cause, some began backing away from Monday's plan.  There were even ads put in newspapers saying all was called off.  Some ignored the notices while others never got to see them.

The initial plan was to take several key positions throughout the country, especially in Dublin.  With it being the holiday, many British troops had gone off to see the races.  A group of patriots walked into the General Post Office in Dublin Center and took control of it in the name of the new Republic.  Some patrons thought it was a joke, but soon found otherwise.  At noon Patrick Pearse stepped out of the GPO and read aloud the Proclamation declaring Ireland a new republic.  For the next week Dublin center became the target of bomb shelling and death for soldier and civilian alike.  Newspapers across the globe cast their light on what was happening in Dublin.  At first opinion sided with the British.  Once the patriots surrendered and the executions by the British began, public opinion swayed.  Even the citizens of Lowell kept a close eye as events unfolded.

We ask you to join us this Saturday, April 2 at 2 pm at the Old Court (upstairs) for a viewing of historic photographs from the Rising, a short film of the week's events, and a brief talk by Victoria Denoon of UMass Lowell's Irish Partnership.  The event should last about 90 minutes and is free and open to the public. If you choose you can pick up lunch downstairs before or after the event.  Feel free to bring a beverage from downstairs to the talk..  


  1. You have a fascinating blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. You have a fascinating blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Dave,
    A huge THANK YOU to Victoria and you for Sunday's presentation, as well as to Finbar for making the room available. Victoria provided apt historical background leading to 1916, and the video was incredible.

    Great Work!