Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cemetery Clean Up Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014

As previously posted our annual tour will be on Saturday, September 27th.  This will follow the conference sponsored by UMass Lowell and Queen's Uni, Belfast.  (For more info go to the Irish Partnership page .)  The Lowell Irish Facebook page also has info about the conference.  Sign up early for a discount.

Even though it has only been a year since our last tour Mother Nature has done her work.  The summer weather was great for crabgrass and the geese have done their thing.  That means we gather our trusty volunteers to a little scraping and clipping to clear the stones for the tour.  That gives the workers at St. Pats time to cut the grass before the tour.  St. Pat's is a gem in telling the story of our ancestors.  We do a little history, a little walking, and a lot of storytelling.

But first those stones need a little TLC.  We work from about 9-11:30.  It tends to be sunny in Yard 1.  Bring water, a hat, knee pads, an old broom, maybe a plastic ice scraper, and clippers.  If you don't have any, we'll share.  If you have any old boxes or heavy duty plastic bags, we could use those to put the clippings and sod in.  Your help is really needed and most appreciated.  What better way to honor your past!  If possible, drop a line so we can know if you might be able to attend. 


  1. I think my comment was lost! I'll try again... I'm looking for some guidance. There is a family grave (Sweeney/Callahan) in "Yard 3 / Rage 25 / section 19 / Lot 1" (CALLAHAN) that is practically invisible... I'm afraid it might totally disappear from view. It holds at least one Civil War veteran, a former Lowell CC/State Rep, a lost newborn, a Korean War veteran - at least 6 or more people... Do you provide a tutorial on how to clear, clean and save the area or is it just get in there and do we need permission?

  2. That stone is actually recorded in our CW database which is kept at the office to ensure they will not be forgotten. Each stone is the property and responsibilty of the lot owner. The cemetery does not clear or clean stones. That being said there are lots of good web sites with tutorials. First check if it is slate, granite, or marble. Never use harsh brushes. Products such as bleach and even soap detergent can have negative effects. Check out the folks at AGS for some great tips.