Friday, March 14, 2014

Acre Forum & Anam Cara Awards

Made in Lowell, a film
by Bob Rafferty & Dave McKean
A new film, Made in Lowell, produced by Bob Rafferty made its debut last night at the Lowell National Park Visitor Center last  to a standing room only crowd.  Bob has helped the Parish archives by digitizing dozens of oral histories on cassette tapes and films on VHS tape to have a permanent record for future generations.  Bob combined these with films taken by Fr. Supple in the 1920s and current footage that Bob took to tell the story of the growth of the Irish community in Lowell's Acre. Plans will now have to be made to see how the film can be distributed for  a wider audience distribution. 

The 2nd annual Anam Cara (Soul Friend) awards were presented to 5 honorees.  The awards are meant to recognize those in the Lowell community who foster and promote Irish culture through their sharing of time, treasures, and talents.  This year's honorees were: Dr. Molly Sheehy for her 20 years working with Wider Horizons, a group that brought Catholic and Protestant students from Ireland to Lowell to work together.  Bob Rafferty for his work with preserving audio and visual archival materials and producing his new documentary, Made in Lowell.  Dr. Robert O'Neill, former head librarian of the Burns Library at Boston College, for his ongoing support and presentations of the library's resources such as the facsimile of the Book of Kells.  Also Dr. O'Neill was responsible for bringing President Mary McAleese to St. Patrick's this past fall.  And to Angus MacDonald and Jim Campbell who kept Irish culture alive in Lowell through their 20 years of the Sounds of Ireland radio program on WLLH and WCAP and reorganizing the local chapter of the AOH. 

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