Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cemetery Clean Up Dates: Saturday Sept. 7 & 14

Just a reminder that those who can make it are invited to join in the fun.  I visited the other day, and the crabgrass has overdone itself this year.  Stones that were visible in the spring have "disappeared."  Cemetery manager, Nick, and his crew have diligently leveled some of the stones that have once again begun to slip into the turf.  This is hard work, but it says much about the commitment they have to maintain the graves of those who laid the foundation for us to be here.  If you see them, please say thanks.

Ironically I just had knee surgery.  I actually began knee problems when I first started working on restoring some stones many years ago.  Not sure what I can do, but I will test it out.  The good Sisters of Notre Dame always told us to "offer it up for the souls in purgatory."  Somebody is bound to get their wings out of this.

Seriously, if you can come for a half hour of a couple of hours, any help would be appreciated.  The cemetery tour this year is Saturday, October 12th.  Dr. Donnelly will be arriving from N. Ireland in 2 weeks to begin photographing the stones as a permanent record for future historians.  The more stones we can prepare, the more he can photograph. 

The slate stones, especially the shamrock stones, are treasures that have been left to us from those first Irish pioneers.  The work of so many people over the past few years with the archaeological digs at the church and Tyrone, the new and groundbreaking research on Lowell's early past, and the work done in the cemetery have been leading up to this point.  I'm not an overly religious person but there have been too many coincidences.  So many people have given of their time, treasures, and talents, and now all is coming together.  We will soon be announcing what will be coming up in the near future!  (It's going to be a good!)

If you can join us we will be working from 9-11 am.  Bring something to drink, sunscreen, and maybe bug spray.  There is little shade in Yard 1.  Because we will be cleaning slate, we must use extra care.  No sharp tools or lawn edgers.  We can use plastic scrapers to remove grass.  Brushes should not be too stiff.  Knee pads.  Knee pads, and knee pads. 

Those who keep up with the Irish Cultural Committee on Facebook see that we have a spot to sign up so we can get an idea of how many will be coming.  If you can, please use this tool. 

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